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As you may or may not know, the Legendary Matt Moss has moved on to greener pastures, namely the Storied halls of Michigan State University. However he will continue to be a contributor to this site through predictions and commentary.


The Moss Factor 2005 NFL Predictions:
NFCNorth: Minnesota Vikings
South: Atlanta Falcons
East: Philadelphia Eagles
West: St. Louis Rams
Wildcard teams (the sleeper teams): Detroit Lions & Arizona Cardinals
A team that should make the playoff's and wont in the NFC: Seattle Seahawks
Overrated team in the NFC: Dallas Cowboys
North: Baltimore Ravens
South: Indianapolis Colts
East: New England Patriots
West: San Diego Chargers
Wildcard teams (the sleeper teams): New York Jets & Cincinnati Bengals
A team that should make the playoffs and wont in the AFC: Pittsburgh Steelers
Overrated team in the AFC: Denver Broncos
NFC: Minnesota Vikings over Atlanta Falcons
AFC: New England Patriots over Indianapolis Colts
Super Bowl: New England Patriots over Minnesota Vikings