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Some of our favorite links!

Ethan Daniel Davidson

Trogdor and Strongbad!


Detroit Sports Rag

Allakhazham dot com


Barenaked Ladies Chat


The Wizard of Oz vs. Dark Side of the Moon


Funny Stuff Central

The King of Pop's Face - an evolution

CMJ - The College Music Journal

The Complete Simpsons Archive

The Detroit Red Wings Home Page

World Wrestling Entertainment

Internet World of Jokes

Strange Phenomena

Hollywood Stock Exchange


Billboard Magazine

Game FAQs

The Internet Movie Database

Lord of the Rings

The Weather Channel

As Seen on TV

The Official Limp Bizkit Site

The No Clown Zone

Bow to Your Master

I Hate

Barenaked Ladies (The Group)

The Freesite

The Ultimate Band List

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Comedy Central


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