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Full name: Alexander Matthew Altman

Birthday: 9-22-86

Grade and Class: 12th 2005

Car (make, model and year): 1996 Ford Contour

Favorite thing about your car: The Seats go back!

Favorite thing about WBLD: Matt Moss

Favorite Thing About WBHS: The Teachers

Favorite Food: Barbequed Steak

Favorite Restaurant in West Bloomfield: Champps

Favorite Thing to Do in West Bloomfield: Make Prank Calls

If someone wanted to find you in West Bloomfield, they could look for you at: a party anywhere

Favorite TV Station: ESPN

Favorite TV Show: Chapelle Show

Favorite Band: The Starting Line

Favorite Song: "Up and Go" - Starting Line

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite Radio Personality (other than Matt Moss--oh stop!):  Rob Parker

(other than Detroit Teams)

Favorite NFL team: Atlanta Falcons

Favorite NBA Team: Denver Nuggets

Favorite NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite MLB Team: Anaheim Angels

For a Kicker (WNBA AND MLS TEAM): Minnesota Lynx

Who will win the '04 World Series: Anaheim Angels

Who will win Super Bowl XXXVIIII: New England Patriots

Who will Win the Presidental Election: John Kerry

Quote: "I'm Like Butter, because I'm on a Roll."